Multi Line Video Slots

Slots remain the most popular games to this day. That’s not surprising, given their nature. They’re simple to play, yet quite fun and potentially very fruitful. Speaking of which, it’s essential to know that they’re also diverse. Why is that important? Because some differences that exist among different titles highly influence your chances of winning. 

That’s why you should know all your options before you start betting. Slots have been evolving ever since the first machine was designed. That evolution reached its peak with online gaming — slots have never been as diverse as they are now.

One of the differences among slot games is the number of paylines. That’s where multi-line video slots enter the scene.

What Are Multi Line Video Slots?

If you’ve ever browsed through an online casino’s selection of slots, you’ve noticed that the theme isn’t the only difference among games. The number of reels is the most prominent feature of a slot game, the one you’ll notice right away. Although three-reel and five-reel slots are the most common, there are games with more reels. Similarly, the number of paylines usually varies from one to 50 (but there can be more of them).

Thus, a multi-line video slot is every video slot with more than one payline. The more paylines there are, the more ways you’ll have to form a winning combination.

Additionally, the higher the number of paylines, the speedier the pace of play. So, if you enjoy the simplicity of slots but basic games bore you, multi-line video slots are perfect for you. You can explore to learn where you can play them.

How to Play Multi Line Video Slots?

A winning combination in a multi-line video slot doesn’t have to be a horizontal line. It can also show up in a zig-zag line across the screen. That’s precisely what mixes up an otherwise simple game of slots. Moreover, it’s a feature that can bring you more money. The number of paylines you activate is the number of possibilities to assemble a winning combination of symbols.

To activate a payline, all you need to do is bet on it. After you settle on the number of bets you want to place, you’ll have to decide their size. The size of a bet usually ranges from one to five credits, but that depends on the game you’ve chosen.

If you’ve never played a multi-line video slot, it may not be very clear at first. However, you’ll see a graphic showing all the paylines, so you’ll know which ones you want to activate and where to look for a winning combination.

When to Switch to Real-Money Multi Line Video Slots?

Multi-line video slots are exciting and rewarding. However, they can be pretty confusing if you’re not used to playing them. That’s why you shouldn’t choose the game with the highest number of paylines and activate them all right away. The truth is, although slots are simple, you may need some practice first.

That’s why there are free video slots. Most online casinos offer many of their games in demo mode, which means you get to play them for free. In fact, you may not even have to make an account to explore the selection.

Free video slots aren’t only fun; they’re also quite helpful, especially if you target those with multiple paylines. You can see how the game works and compare different titles without risking your money. When you feel confident about your knowledge, and the graphic on the screen doesn’t confuse you anymore, that’s when it’s time to play the game for real money. 

Other Game Features

Wild and scatter symbols are what most slot games have in common, although their roles may slightly vary depending on the game. In addition to them, there are other important features (aside from the number of paylines) that you should pay attention to.

The Wild Symbol

The most versatile and prominent icon in a slot game is the wild symbol. It usually features the game’s title character or logo so that you don’t miss it. Its primary role is to substitute for other symbols (except the scatter). Thus, if the wild is the only different symbol in the combination on an active payline, that constitutes a winning combination. Additionally, the wild symbol can act as a multiplier, but not every game has that feature.

The Scatter Symbol

Another prominent symbol is the scatter. It triggers free spins and unlocks bonus rounds (combined with other scatters). It’s a common symbol, but there are still games that lack it (they also don’t feature bonus rounds). Such games have a simpler design and fewer features in general.


A game’s RTP rate is an important piece of information. It’s expressed in percentages, and it’s the portion of all the bets (not only yours but those of other players, too) that the game will pay out over time. Thus, the RTP rate is the opposite of the house edge. You can inquire about it in the game’s information section, which usually opens up when you click on the question mark in the corner. Remember, the higher the RTP rate, the higher your chances of winning.


There are high and low volatility slots. The former deliver high payouts (when they do), while the latter pays out less rewarding wins more often. Namely, you’re more likely to win playing a low-volatility slot, although the amount of money won’t be as impressive.


The jackpot is the ultimate prize. Progressive slots feature a progressive jackpot. Every time someone makes a wager, it increases in size. That goes on until one lucky player randomly triggers it and wins an entire sum of money.

Non-progressive slots have a fixed jackpot. It’s smaller than its counterpart, but it’s triggered much more often.

Closing Thoughts

As a slots fan, you have countless options at your disposal. Multi-line video slots are to thank for that. The more paylines you activate, and the more you bet on a single line, the more likely you are to land an impressive win.