Lihim na Karunungan[GAYUMA, KULAM,BARANG,TIGALPO,LUMAY etc.] has members. Study Group. Kikomachine Komix XIII has 33 ratings and 4 reviews. Jedi JC said: It is quite impressive for Kikomachine Komix to be still this consistenly good while s. Kikomachine Komix Blg. 13 – Aklat Sekreto ng mga Lihim na Karunungan. Kikomachine Komix Blg. 13 – Aklat Sekreto ng mga Lihim na Karunungan. Author .

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Planted or scattered in yard, it keeps ghosts away. He can grant the bearer of his Seal power to understand the forces of Nature and the voices of animals. Osiris, Astarte, Diana, Ra. Nang nx si Moses at nasaksihan ang mga bagay na ito ay labis syang nagpuyos at ibinalibag rin nya ang tableta ng kautusan na nagkabasag-basag. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. John Emmanuel rated it it was amazing May 26, Used in death and dying rituals.

Drink to foretell the future. Causes sympathy between two people and soothes tempers between lovers.

He can grant the bearer of his Seal secret knowledge about all things. Place cotton on an aching tooth to take away pain.


Hit by SunDay’s Rays.Occult Vibes.11.Lihim Na Karunungan/LNK.Dreams & Chaotic Sentiments

He has the power kaeunungan create discord and mistrust 8. Agrimony is best known for its sleep-inducing qualities, therefore it is excellent in dream pillows, especially mixed with mugwort. Throw a sprig of cypress into a grave to give the deceased luck and love in the hereafter. Other Relics that believed to posess supernatural powers.

Barbarossa met the same fate only a few minutes after it slipped out of his hands while he was crossing a stream.

Rub fresh leaves on money before spending. He teaches astrology, gives good familiars, and knows the virtues of all herbs and precious gems. Worn or carried, it ensures safety during travel.

Aklat at Gamit ng Lihim na Karunungan

Western Visayas Western Visayas. He is skilled in philosophy. Used to invoke Hecate. Use leaves and berries in spells of wealth. Put in dream pillows to protect from nightmares.

Kakaibang Kaalaman | Lihim na Karunungan – Exploring the Depths of the Unknown

If carried, all these will be granted. He discerns all things past, present and future; he can cause the magician or bearer of his Seal to receive an assortment of dignities and honours.

Use the flowers to color Ostara eggs. Powdered flowers and dried bark may be used as incense.


He will speak of mysterious and hidden things if asked. The head of St. May bisa nga ba ang mga ganitong bagay o isang masalimuot na ilusyon lamang at pantasya ng mga panatiko?

Ang aklat rin na namana ni Moses na kung saan nung mabasa nya ay naliwanagan sya sa mga bagay-bagay at dahilan rin ng pagliligtas niya sa tribu ng Israel buhat sa mga Ehipto.

This comic never fails to make me laugh.

Kikomachine Komix Blg. 13 – Aklat Sekreto ng mga Lihim na Karunungan

He can give riches and comfort to the bearer of his Seal. Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Visions. Dito nagkaroon ng malaking paniniwala ang mga tao na ang gintong baka ay may kapangyarihan na gaya ng sa isang Dios at nagsimula silang magsisamba dito.

He brings things to pass suddenly in respect to the magicians will, discovers the identity of thieves, and is indifferently good or bad.