Kitei, Tekki Shodan, Tekki Nidan, Tekki Sandan, A-Nan-Ku. kitei · tekkishodan · tekkinidan · tekkisandan · Ananku. ; Sugiyama, Kitei, The roundhouse kick doesn’t appear in any katas (until you get to Master Nishiyama’s Kitei kata). Beginners should be encouraged to. jitte kata step 3, steps , steps , Johnson, Nathan, 50, Kim, Richard, 86, 88, 90 Kinjo, Sanda, 7 1 kitei kata, Kiyuna Peichin.

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Kata forces us to do something that was not our own creation.

Body and spirit must be one entity and the strength must be concentrated. Some of the kata cannot finish on the same spot.

Home Karate Traditional Ce este karate? Shuri is a smallish city outside of Naha, the capital city of Okinawa located on the Western side of the island. When you pull out your tokui kata and perform it, it is supposed to be a kata that you have particular skill with. katz

A kata created by a tournament competitor will probably lack the complexity and appeal of the older, jujutsu based movements of the original Okinawan creations. Anyone who knows even a single technique could possibly create a kata. The kata expose us to techniques and movements that may have kat occurred to us, and the training of something new shocks us and helps us overcome training plateaus.


Kata serve as an alternative path of study from modern competition sparring.

Kitei – Kevin Little – 2016 Fremont Shotokan Karate Black Belt Tournament

Kata is firmly required for rank promotions in all Shotokan Karate organizations. Worrying about finishing where you began is probably the last thing kkitei you should be concerned with. Kata have several purposes. You can see the punching, blocking, and kicking applications of the movements — the most simple of applications and the most unlikely ; 5. Who can create a kata?

However, there are many other cities on Okinawa, and certainly they must have their own karate systems and kata also.

Shotokan International – Kata Videos

Kata training is good exercise. However, the Chinese system of writing is so complex, that to become literate was kitwi huge challenge of learning over 10, characters.

Some people never learn all of the kata, while others learn them very rapidly without much difficulty. Some kata are performed solidly, others quickly with acrobatics, some are more graceful in nature, and others are performed very slowly with great ktaa tension.

If we perform only actions that are comfortable for us, we learn nothing.

White Belt

The kata do not seem to be useful in aiding sparring ability. Because kata were developed before the advent of the automobile in Okinawa, most people were limited to their geographic location, and were unable to learn the kata practiced in another city. You probably will fail if you set out to design a kata that you cannot perform or that contains information that you do not have. Each kata has a name, and the name is usually Okinawan.


Eventually, when Karate-do Kyohan by Funakoshi was published, there were only 15 official kata listed as necessary for advancement.

Do I have to learn kata? As well it should be, since kata hold the more violent defense combinations and also act as a sort of database of Shotokan Karate knowledge.

Chelsea Sport Club Bucuresti | Kata

Most of Karate Associations requirements insist that all 26 iitei of the Shotokan Canon be mastered for the rank of 4th dan. The specialty kata that a practitioner chooses from any of the available kata are called tokui kata. One purpose is allowing the karate player may move about practicing various fighting techniques, tactics, and strategies without having an opponent.

The kata also act as a database or library of techniques. Why did kata develop in Asian arts but not in Western arts?

Some of the Goju-Ryu kata explain movements within the Shotokan Kata. The satisfaction is only his own. The other kata are considered shitei kata by the expert.