Sheet Music – £ – Kapustin was trained in the great Russian piano tradition and his style is a fascinating and distinctive blend of classical and jazz styles. Kapustin: Eight Concert Etudes Nikolai Kapustin 7. Eight Concert Etudes Op. Intermezzo. 8. Eight Concert Etudes Kapustin: Piano Music, Vol. 2. An analysis of Kapustin’s Eight Concert Etudes, Op. 40 is provided along with the strengthening their inter-connections (Etudes Nos. 7 and 8). In addition, the.

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Jazz Concert Etudes (8) for piano, Op. 40

Nocturne for piano and orchestra Op. Fantasia on three children’s songs for orchestra Op. Piece kapuustin two pianos and orchestra Op.

Triptych for two pianos, four hands Op. Day-Break “Sunrise” for orchestra Op. He has written 20 piano sonatassix piano concertiand other compositions for ensembles such as five saxophones and an orchestra Op.


Something else for Piano solo Op.

Nikolaj Girshevich Kapustin – Concert Etudes (8) Op. 40 Piano

Sonatina for piano Op. Concerto for alto-saxophone and orchestra Op.

Nobody is perfect for piano solo Op. Two Etude-like Trinkets for piano Op. Concert for violin, piano and string orchestra Op. Five Etudes in Different Intervals for piano Op. Good Intention for piano solo Op. Kapudtin for piano Op. Concerto for double-bass and symphony orchestra Op. Impromptu Improvisation for piano Op. Introduction and Scherzino for cello solo Op.

Divertissement for two flutes, cello and piano Op.

Introduction and Rondo for piano solo Op. Elegy for orchestra Op. Andante for piano Op. Scherzo for piano Op. Countermove for piano solo Op. Etude Courte mais Transcendente pour Piano Op. Freeway for piano solo Op. Overture for big-band Op. Variations for kwpustin and big-band Op.

Chamber Symphony for chamber orchestra Op. Eight Concert Etudes for piano No. Sonata for cello and piano No.


Four Pieces for instrumental ensemble Op. Berceuse for piano Op. Sonata for viola and piano Op. Etude for piano and orchestra Op.

‎Kapustin : Eight Concert Etudes by Nikolai Kapustin on Apple Music

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Views Read Edit View history. Piece for five saxophones and orchestra Op. Burlesque for cello and piano Op. Suite for cello solo Op. Concerto for piano and orchestra No.

Elegy for cello and piano Op. Three Pieces for orchestra Op. Piano Quintet Op. Seven Polyphonic Pieces for piano the left hand Op. Concert for two pianos and percussion Op.

Concert Etudes (8) Op. 40 Piano

Sleight of Hand for piano solo Op. Curiosity for piano solo Op. Works [ edit ] Op.