Split into two parts. Part 1: Guidance on the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations and Part 2 Selection, Use and Maintenance of Personal . The HSE has updated its key guidance booklet on the provision and use of personal protective L25 can be found at: . 16th December No Comments By admindave HSE News Equipment at L25 – Personal protective equipment at work: Guidance on.

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PPE guidance updated by HSE | Croner-i

HSE aims to reduce work-related death, injury and ill health. PM38 gives guidance on the selection and use of suitable safe handlamps to prevent accidents. News Does my safety look compromised in this? Involving your workforce in health and safety — Guidance for all workers HSG It is essential that employers put in place all necessary safe systems of work, control measures and engineering solutions so that use of PPE is minimised Where PPE is needed it must be the most appropriate for the identified risk and should only be issued where it further reduces the level of risk PPE is a safeguard of last resort since it only protects the individual wearer 2l5 to the guidance since the last edition: The guide can be downloaded free by clicking on the following link: The booklet explains how turban-wearing Sikhs are now exempt from the requirement to wear head protection in all workplaces — not solely construction — with certain limited high-risk exceptions.

She plans to simplify the rules on PPE.


The guide is designed to clearly distinguish different types of information so you can find the parts that are relevant for you. It has been updated to clarify the requirement after the repeal of the Construction Head Protection Regulations It details changes to the provisions for head protection for turban wearing Sikhs following an hsw to the Employment Act It details changes required due to an amendment to Section 3 2 of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act relating to self-employed persons.

References to the regulations are colour-coded. See also Coshh website Asbestos Construction.

HSE L25 Personal protective equipment at work

Requirement to wear hard hats. HSE L25 Personal protective equipment at work. The HSE has updated its key guidance booklet on the provision and use of personal protective equipment at work to reflect some recent legal changes. Selection and use of electric handlamps Third edition. Any orders, including orders for downloadable or online products, that are placed during this time will be processed when we return to work on Wednesday 2nd January Update Inthere was a minor change to the guidance in paragraphproviding updated examples of where the visibility of workers may be important.

A – switch to normal size A – switch to large size A – switch to larger size. A brief guide to controlling the risks. Mind how you go. The guidance can be downloaded free by clicking on the following link: Making it even better is the challenge, so that we can all continue to help Great Britain work well. Getting risk management right is an enabler for productivity, innovation and growth, and is integral to business success as well as the wellbeing of workers.


The guide concentrates on examples of how to comply with the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations as amendedand the Health and Safety Consultation with Employees Regulations as amended. L25 can be found at: Small businesses may find the guidance helpful, particularly the l255 studies. Employees, their health and safety representatives and trade unions may also find the guide useful.

Health and Safety Executive. European Pharmacopoeia 9th Edition Book Subscription 9.

l25 – Health & Safety News

Women offered specially designed safety clothing. Call to learn more.

Characteristics of Children in Need in England Personal protective equipment at work Third edition. POD products are normally produced within one working day of the order being received, and are shipped immediately upon completion. This guidance is primarily o25 employers and relevant self-employed persons but may also be useful for employees and those selecting PPE The key messages are: Skip to main content.

You can visit our cookie privacy page for more information. It will help them in their legal duty to consult and involve their employees on health and safety matters. The new Civil Service Yearbook 54th Edition now available. Plans include events across Great Britain, digital discussion groups and a campaign hashtag: Welcome to our first health and safety news update of — we would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our readers a Happy and Prosperous New Year.