How Do Video Slots Work – Explained

How Do Video Slots Work – Explained

Every casino player must have played a slot machine at least once. Video slots are available across the internet, at every online casino, and on each gambling app. But even though everybody knows how to play them, many don’t understand how slots actually work. 

What’s a Video Slot?

Simply put, a video slot is a game of chance that features reels with symbols. The number of reels varies from one slot to another. The most common slot game has five reels. However, there are also classic slots that have three of them. In addition, modern video slots may feature even six, seven, or more reels. 

Once you choose a video slot, you can start the game. The first step to take is to set a suitable bet size. Then, you can start spinning the reels by pressing the specified button. Many up-to-date slots have an “auto-spin” button that lets you relax and watch those reels spin by themselves. 

As the reels keep spinning, the symbols will land in particular patterns. If you hit a combo that pays out, you’ll receive some amount of coins. If not, you get nothing. Luckily, slots feature pay tables you should check out before starting the game. They contain the payout rates for different symbols. In addition, pay tables offer explanations of all special features and the way they work.

Slot Symbols & Features

The majority of modern video slots have special symbols and features. They serve to make the game more exciting and provide you with chances to win big every now and then. Some of the most common features are free spins, wild symbols of various sorts, tumbling reels, etc.

Video slots usually have scatter symbols. In the majority of games, scatters trigger a special feature such as free spins or bring cash rewards. They rarely land on all reels. In addition, you have to hit a specific number of scatters to unlock the feature. So, for example, if you land a scatter on reels two, three, and four simultaneously, the game rewards you with ten bonus spins.

Moreover, wilds typically work as substitutions for all other symbols. However, they can also do other sorts of things and bring you more possibilities to land a winning combo. For instance, it may expand and cover the entire reel. Or, it can stay on the reel for a few more rounds.

Finally, some slots have special features that simply help you during the entire gameplay. Tumbling reels is one such feature. Each time you land a rewarding combo, the winning symbols disappear. They are then replaced by new symbols. As a result, you get one (or several) more chances to land a winning combination without spending any credits to spin the reels.

RTP & Volatility Level

Various slot games pay out differently. To determine how much the game pays out, you need to check out its RTP, a crucial element of how video slots work. It specifies the amount of money that goes back to the gamblers. So, if the slot has an RTP of 95%, only 95% of the cash that got into the machine will ever return to players. 

Simultaneously, the volatility level explains the way the game pays out. If the volatility level is high, the slot pays you rarely but in vast sums. In addition, the low volatility slots pay often but in small portions. 

RNG Chip

Whichever slot you choose, you won’t be able to affect the outcome. Even though it is more rewarding, a slot with a high RTP won’t necessarily bring you greater chances. Also, slots with many rewarding features don’t have to deliver a vast amount of money.

Generally, slots are luck-based. They work with an RNG chip that ensures fair play. The outcome will always be random, no matter what you do.

However, you can do things to enhance your odds and prevent losing too much money on a slot machine. If you’re good at money management, you can implement some betting strategies. That way, you can create your own winning strategy and stay in the game for longer.

Simultaneously, you can play free video slots to practice. Numerous gambling platforms hold demo games that are available for free play. It’s also an excellent opportunity to learn more about how some video slots work.
Finally, checking out some video slots guide may help you in different ways. Such articles may present to you different slot games, including the most popular ones. In addition, you may learn about the reputable venues that hold quality slots.