Boonstra H et al., Abortion in Women’s Lives, New York: Guttmacher , >. References: · pdf. [4] Guttmacher Institute, Laws affecting reproductive health and rights: from

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This study was funded by an anonymous, private foundation. Skip to main content. Houston is an ideal setting for this study because the city is the fourth largest in the country, the largest in Texas, and the most racially and ethnically diverse in the country.

Attitudes and Decision Making Among Women Seeking Abortions at One U.S. Clinic

Logistic regressions estimated support for legal abortion over time, after adjusting for personal characteristics, views on other social issues, religiosity, political party identification, and political ideology. Opinions reflect those of the author and not necessarily the opinions of the granting agency.

Women on Web website is blocked? Among Millennials of color, a majority believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases. Brown SS and Eisenberg Spins, eds. Women on Web helps women get access to a safe medical abortion and refers to a licensed doctor who can provide a medical abortion.

Those ages account for 33 percent of abortions and have an abortion rate of First, many crisis pregnancy centers inform women that abortion significantly increases their risk of breast cancer.


In each household, respondents were randomly selected from all residents age 18 and older, and Spanish language interviewers were available at all times.

We included variables for women’s age, race and ethnicity, religion, level of education, parity and abortion history, as well as whether they had ever been depressed or ever had anxiety ogr panic attacks.

These centers are typically staffed by volunteers and employees who lack medical training or licensure. Also available in [ PDF ] format. Texas Department of State Health Services.

TRAP laws gain political traction while abortion spib_ol the women they serve—pay the price.

United States: Abortion Law — Women on Waves

Multivariate analyses were conducted in Stata National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Am J Public Health. In addition, we created four educational levels no high school, high school diploma, some college or technical school, and college diploma.

Support Center Support Center. Since the Supreme Court handed down its decisions in Roe v. The supply-side economics of abortion. Having a supportive mother statecenterr male partner was associated with increased odds of high confidence 1.

Smith G, Pond A.

State Laws and Policies | Guttmacher Institute

Crisis pregnancy centers have been the focus of investigation by federal, state and local lawmakers, as well as by reproductive choice prochoice advocacy groups, and have been subject to attempts at municipal regulation. A slight but steady majority favors keeping abortion legal. Keep up to date with the activities of Women on Waves. A Wilcoxon-type test for trend. Interview with the Clinic’s Director of Counseling During the interview with the clinic’s director of counseling, she explained that items on the needs assessment form—especially the provocative ones, such as the statement equating abortion with killing—were included with the spubs of sparking discussion about personal values, stigma and anticipated coping.


Change Over Time in Attitudes About Abortion Laws Relative to Recent Restrictions in Texas

Skip to main content. Relative to religious progressives, fundamentalists were significantly less likely to support abortion, whereas secularists were significantly more likely. Dennis Herrera, et al. Legislation in and made it more difficult for women to obtain abortions and for clinics to provide the procedure, laws statrcenter have resulted in practical obstacles and the closure of clinics.

However, most crisis pregnancy centers do not provide such information. Although public support for legal abortion was significantly higher in both post-legislation years, the legislation mandating additional appointments for counseling and sonograms and attempting to defund family planning providers such as Planned Parenthood seemed to receive particularly more backlash.

Critiquing the evidence, Harvard Review of Psychiatry, 17 4: Sign up Get text and email updates. Fact sheet on HB2.