The purpose of GURPS Thaumatology is to offer solutions. Often, RPGs are accused of tying up magic in strict rules, losing its truly fantastical, magical essence. GURPS Thaumatology contains the best 3rd Edition magic variants and adds many all-new options. The full extent of each of these chapters can be seen in the . “Thaumatology was originally the description and discussion of the miraculous, but some modern stories and games (including GURPS) use the term for the.

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Similarly, for some time GURPS had a single magic system, that while very good in its own right, had its own flavor. Radical revisions of spell-based magic, including detailed versions of the clerical and ritual magic options hinted at in the Basic Setand the return of that Third Edition classic, “unlimited mana. Read the Designer’s Notes for free on Pyramid!

Alchemical Baroque — A world that mixes musketry with magic, and sets it all against an almost-familiar historical backdrop if you ignore the fairies and talking cats.

Then “Mandatory and Significant Modifiers”, are more of a tool kit again. In many ways, this is a manual on how write an RPG at least thsumatology magic part not just how run magical characters. Refresh and try again. Yes, if you buy from one of these links, Amazon pays a percentage to SJ Games!

There’s good advice thaumtology supernatural servants bound demons, spirit familiars, etc. This is not a gaming source book.

Divine Favor magic as Patron isn’t nearly as popular as the first two, but does see regular use. Anders rated it liked it Mar 18, Thaumatology is not This is not a gaming source book. Physical Magic The next chapter takes a look at the use of physical objects for magic, first looking at the inherent properties some things may have, and how they could be used as another system of modifiers for a regular spell-casting system.

Meant to act like a thaumatilogy of real-world magic traditions, all ‘spellcasting’ is in the form of rituals that generally involve gathering energy, and then expending it for the particular effect. This book lets you take a deep look at Qabbala or Hermetic Astrology or Taoist bagua and thaumatplogy without having a guru try to tell you that theirs is the one true path and all thaummatology are false. This mighty tome includes: It would have been best to present that advice up front, before going through two hundred pages of just that.

Thaumatology (skill) | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

However, each tradition contains a limited number of particular spells, which are then cast at a specified penalty to the base skills. Minor tweaks for the spell-based magic of thaumatologg Basic Set: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your tahumatology use of the website is subject to these policies.


KFDirector rated it liked it Dec 26, The original magic system magic as skills presented in Basic Set and Magic still gets most of the attention.

At the end of the book, Thaumatology returns to the discussion of magic instead of magic systems it began with. Most notably, a severely range-limited hyperspace FTL system keeps it from feeling like, say, Star Trekwithout going in and completely redoing that section. Books by Phil Masters. If you are using the spell-magic rules from the Basic Set, then GURPS Magic will be relevant though not neededbut you could easily turf the generic spell system entirely and implement magic in your game world with one of the Thaumatology magic system alternatives.

Finally, there is a discussion of items with a will of their own, from how they are created under the normal enchantment rules, to how to write them up as a character. One of the first sections notes that it probably not worth the GM’s time to work on an elaborate magic system unless magic is going to be a central pillar of the campaign.

Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. After that, there is a serous look at enchanting items, starting with the standard systems given in Basic Set and Magicand how they can be tweaked for the needs of a campaign. Also covered are all of the possibilities of great deeds, regular use and the like causing an item to become magical on its own.

But even sticking with the early, non-setting specific materials, it still has a number of assumptions built into the basic rules. For instance, Traveller was originally meant as a generic SFRPG, before it started generating a setting that pretty well took over the line in later iterations. An in-depth look at material magic, with new alchemy, herbalism, and enchantment options; rules for free-willed items and magical gadgets; and guidelines for “the stuff of raw magic.

Want to Read saving…. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Instead, Thaumatology lets a GM write the source book on magic for their campaign world. Variations on a Theme Thaumatology starts out with a chapter on how magic guros in general magic as art vs as engineering, Law of Contagion, etc.


Jeff rated it it was amazing Feb 02, Sean Punch black-and-white pages, softcover. In this case, it simplifies the skill system down to colleges, with all the spells in the college attached directly to that. Not just a world book Elves use the Nature College, Dwarves use Earth spellsthis book shows you how to rewrite the mechanics for magic radically over a ton of variations not just a menu of choices to build a set of metaphysics to jump through just thaumaatology hoops you want.

Urban Magics — Information and insight about how magic influences city life. Thaumatology is not a book you should be referring to in the middle of the game.

GURPS Thaumatology

The more social discussion is then followed up by thoughts on particular game styles, most clearly when it comes to emulating how magic seems to function in a lot of superhero stories.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. If you want subtle magic that takes a while as in the old Voodoo and Spirits booksor if you you want potentially world-altering magic like the sort of thing you’d meet in a Mage campaign, you won’t need Magic too. Sorcery — Another self-contained system that models magic as a power and spells as mystical advantages the sorcerer can draw upon instinctively, easily, and repeatedly!

It’s mentioned that mages can potentially leave some normal parameters like duration undefined, and let his margin of success determine it. Still, I consider it a missed opportunity that Thaumatologyfor all of its wide-ranging discussion of a number of different systems and their variations, doesn’t even begin to provide a framework of discussion by taking a real comparative look thaumatopogy its own systems, grouping and giving an overview of them.

A common problem with generic role-playing systems is that they often have non -generic answers to important questions.

Thaumatology (skill)

And, because the book goes so deeply into different metaphysics for different conceptions of magic in gaming and fantasy fiction, you end up with a surprisingly effective treatise on the nature of magic in our world as well or at least magic as perceived by a whole slew of cultures over the ages.

It’s a meta-gaming source book. Brian rated it really liked it Jan 16, So the answer is “it depends on the sort of magic you want in your game”.