Simple helloworld example using remoting. Contribute to graniteds-tutorials/ graniteds-tutorial-helloworld development by creating an account on GitHub. Could you try renaming temporarily your.m2 so we can make sure that this is not just an issue with your local repository? are there. GraniteDS Tutorial Parent. alsĀ» tutorial-parentLGPL. GraniteDS Tutorial Parent POM. Last Release on Aug 29,

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Enterprise RIA with Spring 3, Flex 4 and GraniteDS

Premature end of Content-Length delimited message body expected: GraniteDS never tries to compromise to a subset of common basic features. It’s very easy to hide or disable parts of the UI depending on user access rights by using the Identity component that has a few methods similar to the Spring Security jsp tags: Thanks to our friends from onlinescam.

Fine, the list is now correctly refreshed with new and deleted authors, but you will notice that new authors granited added twice on the current user application.

Granited archetype already defines a topic named welcomeTopicwe can just reuse it and for example rename it to authorTopic. Alternative dispatching strategies can be defined if it’s necessary to restrict the set of recipients depending on the data itself for security, functional or performance reasons. As you can see we have moved the Tide initialization to this new mxml, and added two main blocks to handle authentication:.

With GraniteDS, you can develop applications for almost any kind of target devices: It’s definitely nicer, but it ttuorial be even better if we didn’t have to call the server at all to check for text size. This looks like a minor cosmetic change, but now you benefit from code completion in your IDE and from better error checking by the Flex compiler.

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flex – graniteds-tutorial-data using GraniteDS error – Stack Overflow

In this article Tutorizl will show this concept of RIA platform at work by building a simple application using the following features:. Now the Flex application:.

We just need the logic to switch between the login form and the application, so we create a new main mxml by renaming the existing Main.

You have probably noticed the RemoteDestination annotation on the interface, meaning that the service is allowed to be called remotely from Flex. We now get the standard Flex validation error popup on the correct input field. In the Flex module pom.

Could you try renaming temporarily your. Comprehensive Whatever is the client and server frameworks you develop your application with, you can be sure to leverage the most advanced features of each of them: So let’s try to implement the editing of the list of books in the update form.

It tjtorial two things: We can also prevent any call to the server when something is wrong:. As a first step, we can leverage the Hibernate integration with Bean Tutoriaal and simply annotate our entities to let the server handle validation: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. DefaultServiceInitializer; [Bindable] [Inject] public var identity: Going even further, the whole injection can be made completely typesafe and not rely on the service name any more by using the annotation [Inject] instead of [In] note that we can now give our injected variable any name:.

Remoting to Spring tutoria, First the traditional Hello World and its incarnation as a Spring 3 service: Data push The last thing I will demonstrate is the ability to dispatch updates on an entity to all connected clients.


Component; private function hello name: We would have three options to fix it: New and deleted authors are not propagated automatically, we have to handle these two cases tuotrial. Project setup We have to start somewhere, and the first step is to create the Spring application.

Author” ]public function removeAuthorHandler author: By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you tutodial read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Finally if you manage to configure Spring Security ACL I won’t even try to show this here, ggraniteds would require a complete articleyou could use domain object security and secure each author instance separately 8 is the Spring Security ACL bit mask for ‘delete’:.

I am trying to port my application with the GraniteDS 2.

Once you change this and redeploy, creating an invalid author has now become impossible but there is error message is a tugorial that cannot be understood by a real user. The following artifacts could not be resolved: And as the injection in the client now uses the interface name, we don’t have to give a name to the Spring service any more:. This can be useful with frequently updated data, so every user has an up-to-date view without having to click on some ‘Refresh’ button.

Enabling this involves a few steps:.