Eurit and swissvoice. Views. 6 years ago. Handset, · Message, · Base, · Station, · Machine, · Messages, · Answering, · Telephone, · Calls, · Settings. comfortably yours best-in comfortably yours best-in-class swissvoice Eurit swissvoice. Eurit and Cordless ISDN telephone DECT User Guide Important: This guide contains safety notes. Please read it before using your telephone and keep .

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Telefonkabel Telefonledningen til telefonen har to ulike plugger: Internal number of the handset, Please read it befor e using. If several providers are active, the provider is selected according to the following priority: Logging the handset onto another base station 1. OK Avslutte visningen av meldingen. The answering machine has switched itself on.

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As proof of the date of purchase, please retain the receipt or, after it has been fully filled out by the retailer, the guarantee card that is at the back of the operating instructions Avslutte megling Du foretar megling mellom to samtalepartnere. Slette anropslisten Anropslisten kan slettes ved behov: Einstellungen Sprache Ansage Y Deutsch If the call partner dialled is busy, automatic call back or automatic redial can be activated.


The message “Searching” appears. Destination prefix for certain numbers e. Page 16 Setting up the telephone and putting it into service Connecting the base station Base station Power supply cable electricity Warning: Direct call babyphone feature Initiating a direct call When direct call babyphone feature is activated, a target number is dialled by pushing any key except the fox key.

Innspilling kun Eurit Mens du ringer kan du spille inn en samtale eller enkelte deler av den samtaleopptak.

Base station settings Base station ringer BaseStat. During a call Menu in communication state Hands-free mode Under “Pm” the following functions are available during a call: PDF Click to preview.

If you forget it the services of your dealer will be required at your expense.

Batteriet lades a konstant: Press X Menu guidance changes to the new language. Angi et internnummer Privat MSN B: Briefly press t at the base station.

Make sure you do not confuse the plugs of the telephone line cable and the plug-in power supply cord on the base station. Eksternt anrop venter Du er inne i en intern eller ekstern samtale og mottar et eksternt anrop.

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Select “Unconditional”, “No reply” or “Busy”. Page 9 Table of contents Quick reference user guide Table of contents During a call Dersom meldingen ikke kunne bli sendt, vises en feilmelding og meldingen blir lagret i undermenyen “Ikke sendt”. Disse innstillingene gjelder for alle oppmeldte brukere som den aktuelle brukeren MSN er tilordnet.

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