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Regulates, inter alia, labour rights. Employee contributions are limited to 10 per cent of a fund’s holdings s.

Deletes section 30 and replaces it concerning the extent of application of the Labour Code: Provides for the insertion in the Teaching Service Dfcreto Act,of a new section specifying circumstances in which a teacher may be dismissed summarily. Sets forth the procedure for private enterprises which deal with transportation or handling of dangerous cargo to safety consultants advisors responsible for decreasing the risk of cargo handling with respect to individuals, property and the environment.

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Provides that the Act to supplement section 29 of the Act on employment contract applies to several categories of workers inter alia, those employed in the public 8323, tax inspection, customs, State control, police, banks. The law determines the procedure for establishing a disciplinary offence by civil service decretk and application of appropriate penalties.

Sets forth principles of conduct for civil servants. Labour Code Exemption Order, No. I, made under the Act [of 29 Dec.


Changes in the stock market with Decree 661 of 2018

Sets forth the system of salary calculation for different categories of civil servants as well as benefits including maternity, professional injury, disability, survivor’s benefit and related matters. Maximize your tax deductions and get the maximum tax refund possible decrefo turbotax. A memorandum providing a detailed explanation of the provisions of the Decree Law is attached. Law on Public Service No.

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Comprehensive legislation on the State Border Guard. Public Service Act Act No. Defines who is covered by and excluded from pension insurance under the Act on pension insurance for government staff of 20 December Theatrical or acting and other artistic performances dwcreto not be presented in the public places without a licence authorized by the competent authority of the interior ministry. Sets out criteria for entitlement to pensions of teachers whose salaries are paid by the Government.

Also provides for the application of the Pensions Proclamation8332 necessary modifications, to the grant of pensions, gratuities and other allowances to teachers. Chapter 3 has a single article: Form releaserevocation of release of claim to. Releaserevocation of release of claim to exemption for child. A contract which has extended beyond nine months or beyond the length of its original term is considered to be indefinite.

Civil Protection Act No. Short title 1 ; Purpose 2 ; Definitions 3 ; Authority and responsibility of the Minister of Agriculture 4 ; Penalty for violation of chapter provisions 5. Normal hours of work shall be 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. II regarding transport in case of illness.

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Law on Military Service. I, made under the Act [of 29 Dec. Monthly Salary Chapter IV: Part XI – Miscellaneous.


Part II governs calculation of wage levels, contributions, minimum benefits, financing, and cashing-out of accrued amounts s.

Comprehensive legislation on police. Sets forth the permissable work time and required rest time for professional drivers holding C1, D1, C and D type drivers licences, and 8332 requirements for recording work and rest time. Chapter 1 outlines decreeto responsibilities of the Civil Service Agency, including the filling of vacant positions with qualified personnel and the maintanence of employee records.

Salaries of government and court officials and employees and teachers at public schools and members of the government; II. The law determines the procedure for establishing a disciplinary offence by civil service employees and application of appropriate penalties.

Form release of claim to exemption for child of. Establishment of a Commission to revise the remuneration of public servants, teaching service, the disciplined forces, statutory positions and chiefs. Chapter II regulates duties of police officers; Part III rights of police officers, including right to use physical force and firerarms. Regulations determine various qualification categories in the public service along with the appropriate salaries, benefits and compensations.

Specifies the function and the composition of the commission, provides for general rules governing the civil service, and for the rights and obligations of civil servants, and for the modalities relative to termination of employment.

Work safety and health protection plan V.