The Great Deformation By David Stockman Online. Book Details: Language: English Published Original Language Unknown, Isbn: , Publisher. DAVID A. STOCKMAN 18 The Great Deformation of Capital Markets: How Wall Street. Got Huge .. the roots of the Great Deformation, difficult in the extreme. David Stockman not only cites Mises and Hazlitt, among other The main theme of The Great Deformation is stated clearly on the first page of.

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Both parties, many industries, all eating away at our economy from above and from within. Nul points, monsieur Stockman. Eisenhower was the last president who systematically grest the budget and the last president who actively chopped the defence budget. Institutionalized plunder according Frederic Bastia Great fiscal analysis! One of the main American exports to Europe had been grain. It was VERY detailed.

Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

Since then, he has been a consummate Wall Street insider, first with Salomon Brothers and then as a private equity investor with The Blackstone Group.

Yes, yes, yes, but you need to be more nuanced. Feb 05, Mary Hartshorn rated it really liked it. During nearly two decades at Blackstone and at a firm he founded, Stockman was a private equity investor. The book The Great Deformation is amazing. Insider view from the world of high finance.

The end is nigh and there is no avoiding it. The former includes Franklin Roosevelt, who fathered crony capitalism; Richard Nixon, who destroyed national financial discipline and the Bretton Woods gold-backed dollar; Fed chairmen Greenspan and Bernanke, who fostered our present scourge of bubble finance and addiction to debt and speculation; George W. Write a product review. He then wrote a book, The Triumph of Politics”, about the experience relating how all the fine words went out the veformation while government grew, subsidies were given to all the big lobbies and in the end things were worse at the end of the ‘s than before.

I like getting into the financial weeds, especially when it includes seemingly endless tales treat despicable lies and bad behavior behind smiling faces. He justifies greqt by saying, ” Reagan for whom Stockman was budget director, so he should know did not much cut spending.


I only buy his argument outside the context of general meltdown. Corrupt people will use whatever tools they can to gain their own ends.

A government that found a way to support its plans, but still does so much it ought not and does so without my support. Hardcoverpages. Did you take out a billion? The former includes Franklin Roosevelt, who fathered crony capitalism; Richard Nixon, who destroyed national financial discipline deformatikn the Bretton Woods gold-backed dollar; Fed chairmen Greenspan and Bernanke, who fostered our present scourge of bubble finance and addiction to debt and speculation; George W.

Warehouse credit lines, GSE’s, a legislative agenda and an accommodating Fed all conspired to create a speculative feeding frenzy which met an inevitable unhappy ending. Reviews that I have read that say what the book is about are accurate. Stockman travels in many of the same circles as the austro-libertarians, but in deformatiom the book, I think he’s much more pragmatic then they. Even though he himself describes the book as a polemic, his argument would be much stronger if it were not so larded with sarcasm, sneer-words, and hyperbole.

Worse, I did not finish this book. Stockman’s liberties of style and tone. The colossal rickety machine continues to lumber along only because the Fed manages the funding cost through interest rate suppression. In his chosen order, here’s a list of his major bullet points.

Stockman writes with passion and authority, but his writing is too undisciplined to make the impact it should.

The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America by David A. Stockman

But he does get the story in about John Mack’s wife getting a million dollar assist from the US government on some silly venture of hers.

We didn’t want it, we’ve been taken! But, although he was a high-ranking member of Ronald Reagan’s team, he favors neither Republicans and Democrats; he feels that both parties have lost their soul in the orgy of deficit budgets stovkman money-printing, and thinks that salvation can be found only in a constitutionally changed nonpartisan future.


Bernanke also had a predecessor in buying Treasuries. Tax on regular deofrmation be it from dividends or from going to work every day is much higher than tax on capital gains 3.

Apr 03, David rated it it was amazing Shelves: But gold, like, sharia law, requires everybody to buy into the religion. Traumatized by experience, he moved on to become a full time financial writer’ He now declaims to us like Cassandra wailing from stoc,man top of the temple stairs in doomed Troy. Nixon was the president whose fate it was to break that link while doing what every politician in the history has done, which is to buy the public’s approval with tax dollars.

Quotes from The Great Deforma I’m completely in favor of the evolution of new technology, but the insistence on government support has turned this effort into yet another denomination in the Cult of the State stpckman has little regard for whether the Green Revolution reality is anywhere near the rhetoric.

Serving as budget director, he was one of the key architects of the Reagan Revolution plan to reduce taxes, cut spending, and shrink the role of stocknan.

It’s stockmaj and it’s sickening, but I know. You can take any economic model you want and essentially try to gloss over the fact that this is the case, but this essential description is still the basic form.

And while much of what he’s predicting is gloomy, he does offer a number or recommendations going forward, a few of them, such as term limits, election campaign limits, and lobbying limits, I do find compelling. He’s a bit repetitive, but I don’t begrudge him on this point grdat I feel that it ultimately gives an accretive power to the core themes.