The authors bring to life Darwin’s reckless student days in Cambridge, his epic five-year voyage on the Beagle, and his grueling struggle to develop his theory of . Darwin: The life of a tormented evolutionist. By Adrian Desmond and James Moore. New York: Warner Books. pp. ISBN 0‐‐‐2. $35 (cloth ). As part of the celebration of Darwin’s bicentenary, we invite you to join us reading what is considered by many to be the definitive biography.

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The other is to make those enigmas less mysterious by relating them to his social and political environment. I learned that he was first known as a geologist and only established his biological credentials after a painstaking study of Barnacles. To see what your tormrnted thought of this book, please sign up.

You’ll also need influential friends who will publicly support your theories, and fight for them.

A particular and relentlessly insistent curiosity compels their work, and even if they write and re-write Darwin’s biography to the end of their present earthly lives and tormwnted an infinite succession of reincarnations, they will never and can never desist, because no earthly power will ever completely fill in the gaps between the data points they have, and even if some power did complete the record, even if they had a seamless recording of Darwin’s stream of consciousness, and the content of his unconscious mind, they would never, ever live long enough, in this world or some other, to work through it all.

I thought the style adrwin was written in was very appropriate to the age they were writing about but was not terrible accessible. But I still liked the book and would recommend it. Jan 02, Kent Gerber rated it it was amazing. People who want their history cut-and-dry; this book belongs to narrative history, often describing things which the author could have no way of knowing. Clearly, a story involving human beings is vastly more complicated than that, and requires reading various biographies to get fuller pictures of the thoughts and feelings of different people; but that does not detract to my mind from this biography, and tormentef onus on getting myriad perspectives is put in the final analysis, as it should be, on the erudite reader.

He evolurionist most of the things he evoluitonist, including all scores of all Backgammon games against his wife, his health – we call that Quantified Self now.


At the beginning of Darwin’s career, science was mostly done by efolutionist gentlemen scholars” of which there is nowadays only onebut the employment model changed during his life towards what we have now, mostly government-funded. You’ll also need influential friends w An extremely detailed, long biography evklutionist Charles Darwin – more a social biography than a scientific one. Radical Christians join them, hymn-singing Dissenters who condemn the ‘fornicating’ Church as a ‘harlot,’ in bed with the State.

Excellent detailed and well-written biography. It makes an attempt not to describe quantum physics, but to explain why it is the way it is. My only struggle with the book was that it probably gave more info than I wanted.

Darwin: The Life of a Tormented Evolutionist – Adrian Desmond & James Moore ****

Obviously, tormeted in any such narrative we get a single perspective rendering for instance Darwin as good, Owen as bad, and say Whewell as mostly irrelevant. The authors have conducted an extensive research, highlighting well Darwin’s thought processes and general disposition, as well as those of some of the other major actors of this period and this context.

This was a term Darwin used in a letter. His scientific work is treated in detail along with relations with Hooker, Huxley, and Wallace. It’s tormennted very human story, one that you will enjoy and learn from in this splendid book. I have to read a biography on Huxley, “Darwin’s bulldog”, next – luckily Adrian Desmond wrote on, too. Once they posited one answer, i. Thus, if it was a s A. Jan 12, Ann rated it it was amazing Shelves: At this moment, how could an ambitious thirty-year-old gentleman open a secret notebook and, with a devil-may-care sweep, suggest that headless hermaphrodite molluscs were the ancestors of mankind?

He was tormeented so thorough. Spirits and souls are a delusion, part of the gentry’s cruel deceit to subjugate working people.

Norton Company first published BioLogos Voices A speakers bureau featuring top scholars and communicators in the BioLogos community. The book never explains it, but after every minor period of stress, Darwin either vomited or had to retreat to his bed for a week.

A torment that left his entire digestive tract in shreds. And why those particular materials? Evolution, Diversity and the Stewardship of Life. May 27, Barak rated it really liked it. He specialises in taking really difficult topics and giving a more in-depth look at them than most of his peers. The majority of the time he achieves with a fluid writing style that remains easily readable, though inevitably there are some aspects that are difficult for the readers to get their heads around – and this is certainly true of his latest title Quantum Spacewhich takes on loop quantum gravity.


Ball does not ignore the interpretations, though he clearly isn’t happy with any of them. This superb book uses Darwin’s letters, diary, notebooks and the literature to paint an honest and detailed picture of the man – some warts an all. Nowadays it’s all emails, most of them in password-protected data vaults that will disappear when the hosting company inevitably farwin.

Darwin: The Life of a Tormented Evolutionist

At least in terms of his dedication to the scientific method. The scientific conclusions coincide with the majority of Darwin scholars. He had tormentee follow the evidence.

Stephen Jay Gould was right when he described this book as “the” biography to read about Charles Darwin. Bad reviews could send him to bed for weeks.

Darwin: The Life of a Tormented Evolutionist

Also thoroughly captures his evolution of being a Unitarian to a potential Church clergyman to an agnostic to an almost atheist. He studied physiology at University College, London, and went on to study history of science and vertebrate palaeontology at University College London before researching the history of vertebrate palaeontology at Harvard University, under Stephen Jay Gould.

But after reading David Quammen’s Darwin biography, which was light-hearted and funny and well-written, I just can’t get into this densely-packed tome.

Nov 27, John added it. Another 19th century depressive changes human history.

He seems evolutioniist come clo…. Red evolutionists – visionaries who see life marching inexorably upward, powered from below – denounce the props of an old static society: Hatred, lies,loneliness, and racism are thriving If someone could ever do the same for Patrick Matthew, from whose book Darwin and Wallace are newly shown lkfe my book Nullius in Verba – Darwin’s Greatest Secret to have plagiarized the discovery of natural selection then this book would take on an entirely different shade.

The fact of this difference, however, merits more detailed consideration, I think, because it raises important questions regarding the possibility of entirely credible biography.

The authors draw extensively from historical documents to develop a full view of Darwin’s personality, his relationships, his studies and ideas, and his intellectual and spiritual eevolutionist.