FFT10 interface or RS interface. For. For. EKC EKC For. For .. Danfoss can accept no responsibility for possible errors in catalogues, brochures . Introduction. Features. EKC (for panel mounting) and EKC EKC and are used for. • temperature Danfoss Pt sensors are supplied with . Danfoss EKC – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Time-controlled hot gas defrost. Real time clock battery driven can be fitted.

Conversely, if the controller has not accomplished the 72 periods, the regulation will use a timeperiod of 20 minutes.

EKC and are used for Temperature control Compressor control Fan motor control Defrost control Alarm signalling With only two keys, all functions can be set and programmed. Installation guide danffoss extended operation RC.

The display shows the actual room temperature, but by activating the keys the display changes To the set or the actual temperature of the defrost sensor. Manual control 8 Manual RS.

Here is a list of the messages that can appear: Push one of the buttons and select the new value 5. If you have chosen stop based on time, this setting will be the defrost time.

The temperature at the defrost sensor is shown here. A door switch is connected and the controller will register when the DI input is open.

Controller for temperature control – EKC and EKC Manual |

Either you put the function in pos. If you want to change the periodical defrost, so that it can be performed at specific times of the day, a clock module may be fitted. The digital input can be programmed to – receive alarm signals from an external signal source door alarm – start defrost from an external clock – transmit random alarm signals to the bus system.


A04 Door alarm delay Reset alarm The function resets all alarms when set in pos.

Controller for temperature control – EKC 201 and EKC 301 Manual

These settings can only be made when a data communication module has been mounted in the controller and the installation of the data communication cable has been concluded. Contact Now Click here to send inquiry.

The digital input can be programmed to – receive alarm signals from danffoss external signal source door alarm – start defrost from an external clock – transmit random alarm ekx to the bus system. Here you can set the time delay. This gateway will now control the communication to and from the controllers.

The value is set in K.

Danfoss Electronic Controller (EKC EKC ) –

ON, you reinstate the factor y-set values Factory setting If you need to reset the controller and reinstate the factor y-set values, do the following: The temperature value is set. Example Each controller is provided with an insertion module.

Other code numbers have customized settings. Resulting controller setup Room temp. It is also a must that each controller receives power from its own, separate power supply unit.


Factory setting If you need to return to the factory-set values, it dandoss be done in this way: People who viewed this also viewed. The controllers are subsequently connected with a two-core cable. The alarm will only become visible, when a set time delay has been passed.

If not, you may cancel the function by means of setting OFF. Danfosd actual danfose can be stopped based on time, or a temperature sensor may be placed on the evaporator, so that defrost can be stopped at a temperature value. Defrost Defrost The controller contains a timer function, so that the defrost can star t periodically, e.

Later, when the alarm ceases, the alarm text will be retransmitted, but now with status value 0. The evaporator is dripping off and waiting for the time to expire. Find Similar Products By Category. When you have changed the value, save the new value by pushing the two buttons simultaneously once more. You Might Also Like. The number of relays will then be increased by one. A-alarms will only become visible when the set time delay has expired.

The controller comes prepared with plug and terminals, so all you have to do is to push the module into place.

Manually start of a defrost operation Normal operation Room temp. But before you can change the value, you require access to the menu.