Uncharitable has ratings and 52 reviews. Karen said: I feel very views, last activity. Dan Pallotta Speaking at USC 4/21/09, 1, 4, Apr 21, PM. talk#1 UNCHARITABLE THIS IS DAN’S FLAGSHIP TALK ABOUT HOW THE WAY WE THINK ABOUT CHARITY IS DEAD WRONG. the talk has been delivered. Daniel M. “Dan” Pallotta (born January 21, ) is an American entrepreneur, author, and He is the author of Uncharitable – How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential, the best-selling title in the history of Tufts University Press.

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This book also details the pitfalls of using the tools of capitalism successfully to raise millions of dollars for social change under the current Puritanical mores pxllotta American society and under the current legislative restrictions by which nonprofit corporations must abide.

Dan Pallotta – Wikipedia

In my opinion, his message is still completely valid, but it makes me cringe when people assume that if they just raise en This book is controversial, and I can see why. His analysis of the starvation cycle due to arbitrary overhead spending limits was spot-on. The advertising is what drove ean to the events.

I found myself skipping paragraphs, thinking, “yes, I know, you have said that several times. Finally, after a hundred repetitive pages, he spends two suggesting people should be able to put up money for fundraisers and get a cut in return, and that a market could be created to trade in such investments.


These organizations need the same talent that for-profit corporations uncharitablr to do the job wel This is great for all my do-gooder friends and those of you working for or looking to work for a nonprofit and even those of you who believe that nonprofit organizations do not and should not operate similarly to corporations and for-profit organizations.


Another thing worth mentioning is that I think it is important to remember that the for-profit sector screws it up quite frequently, and that just because something does work in the for-profit side doesn’t mean non-profits should adopt it.

Ultimately, the Susan G. Take it in a positive stride, focus on the intentions and problems highlighted, rather than imperfections or what may seem unrealistic. Inafter studying the issue of suicidePallotta realized that mortality rates from suicide approached those of breast cancer in the United States, and that suicide attempts dwarfed breast cancer diagnoses. There is little long-term planning because charities have to spend the money immediately.

Jul 10, Karen rated it it was ok. As one might expect from that description, a huge portion of the book criticizes the over use of these efficiency ratios in the rating of non-profits, arguing that charities should be judged by what fan achieve and not just their overhead and fundraising cost. The reports can give some good information but can’t replace human interaction and relationship with a cause that you believe in.

Lists with This Book. Even in the conventional wisdom it will scarcely be contended that this leads to an equal choice between the two.

By not being able to run in the same obscenely wealthy social circles, they’re not able pallofta lobby for the same kinds of funds they could if they were accepted into that crowd. Pallotta founded Advertising uhcharitable Humanity in as Springboard. February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Nonprofits need to be able to invest in infrastructure and cultivating committed employees.

Jul 15, Hans rated it really liked it. The company helps institutional funders and philanthropists grow their most promising grantees. Eventually, his complaints about not not getting paid xan made me sour on the rest of this book. Jan 17, Casey rated it liked it Unchariyable It was incredibly dry and spent a lot of time referencing other resources. Pallotta is a member of the board of Triangle, a center for the developmentally disabled in Massachusetts, and a member of the Project Reason Advisory Board.


The book was well-researched, but didn’t really need to be a whole book; he has a TED talk that covers the most important points of the book.

Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential

Having worked in the nonprofit sector for almost a decade, this book was a welcomed addition to my library. While there is talk about “changing the mindset of the public and the donors”, there did not seem to be a real outline for how to instill that change and as his case study shows, just going ahead, does not seem to work.

An absolute must read for anyone who works for a non-profit, volunteers with a non-profit or donates to a non-profit! Pallotta TeamWorks began negotiating with another charity to become the beneficiary of the events. The author has six main points. He overemphasizes the stern values of the Puritans and completely disregards the enormous impact of Catholicism, Judaism, and other non-Puritan forms of Protestantism – not to mention the history of non-religious charity and nonprofit work revolving around different immigrant groups or people with shared values.

May 01, Janelle rated it liked it. People have discretionary income that they can spend on designer jeans or on a mile bike ride, and society is probably better off if they choose the bike ride, particularly if the bike ride raises money for a charity.