Now it’s time to look at the WebLock component as another example of XPCOM components (since you’ll be creating it shortly). This is a book about Gecko, and about creating XPCOM components for Gecko- based applications. Though the emphasis is on the practical steps you take to. About. This is a step-by-step tutorial on creating, building and registering an XPCOM component on Linux and MS Windows.

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Can anyone send me an example? The component is not getting loaded when firefox starts up.

The domponents uses it twice to generate an. I encountered an error while compiling the the project: This is used to simplify the process of retrieving the module later in class creation.

Anybody have any suggestions as to what I’m doin wrong? A simple example of an actual Mozilla component is nsDictionary. That, along with many of the other tips here got me up and running successfully. Thanks for this tutorial.

Before you open the page in Firefox, be sure to follow the steps below to set up and register your XPCOM component to the browser:. The top of each chapter provides a list of the major topics covered. I tested alex’s complete code example. Or, anyone know of some other step-by-step instructions for building a simple xpcom component, including what all external SDK’s and packages you’d have to install on your system before you can get going?


I created my UUID by using guidgen. Ask your questions in MozillaZine Forums.

He consults as an architect and web developer for bookstore trade organizations, environmental creatinh firms, education technologists, and others. This page has been accessedtimes. Download mozilla source and build it.

If the duration of this method is long, the UI might appear hung with no response to the user.

Create and implement an XPCOM component for the Firefox browser

So, I turn it of for now. I got these following error after trying this example on Mozilla Firefox 1. Factories are objects used to instantiate components. I am using Firefox 1. Listing 5 shows a registration form for the sample. Restart firefox and open MyComponentTest.

Sidebar sections are included to highlight technical details. Something is going wrong with component registration there?!

Download and extract the sample: The link to download Gecko 1. You would do this mainly because the JavaScript and UI are on a single thread, so when one is busy, the other is blocked, especially when you load the XPCOM component and invoke a method exposed by it. Do not edit this file–this is a generated file. Here is my change in project – settings – link I tried using both gecko-sdk 1. My Profile Log Out.


Creating XPCOM Components

By the end of the book, readers should have learned how to build a component and they will know something about the framework for these components in Gecko, which is XPCOM.

I checked in the profile directory and found that the compreg. Compnoents implements the nsIModule interface. Then run from src-dir: Fortunately it did compile.

There is NO need to register the components with trhe gecko-sdk tool. Construct your own HTML authoring tool. It provides a function to request the interfaces on a class. But no luck so far.