SAP CRM User Interface Overview; UI Concept; Customizing of Business Roles; Navigation Bar Customizing and Transaction Launcher; Architecture; UI. Customers, SAP consultants and project team members who are responsible for The course CR refers to the CRM WebClient User Interface which was. The course CR (SAP CRM User Interface) is introducing this technology to technically interested customer and project team members.

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The navigation bar contains sub areas or components defined in the layout profile. You would like to adapt the User Interface according to your needs. Also you can assign a design object directly to a dr580 attribute You have initially to repeat this step for each view, where you want to implement your UI changes.

Below the main navigation bar entries you find a Create area.

CR – SAP CRM User Interface | SAP TRAINING COURSES – SAP Courses AND Training

View The view handles the visual output. In case the user pressed a button event the controller contains the logic what to do with this click e. First you name which element gets influenced.

The determined target ID points at the right inbound plug of the used component which is defined in the component definition. The BOL does not know to which component a business object belongs. A possible cr850 is that a service resource planner creates a task for an external service provider, generates a Adobe Interactive Form with task details and sends it via e-mail to the external service provider. Choose Save within the Customer Configuration Window.


Three entries are available: The system will inform you in a separate popup that the application is not yet existing. Classification of Business Objects Access Object: In the following you will focus on the Standard Account Fact Sheet, typically available for Sales representatives.

Cem name, view name as well as Technical information about the current configuration will be displayed in popup window.

Advantages of this concept are that major parts of the Web Client navigation are now controlled by IMG customizing rather than by XML or method coding. You would like to add those customer specific fields which are not available intdrface the standard context nodes and therefore not in the UI Configuration to the WebClient UI. In addition to that you would like to change a Search as well as a Result List page.

If necessary see solution You also have the option to position Direct Link Groups. niterface

Each context node class contains one or interfade attributes. It is responsible for rendering the output and relevant UI controls, such as data fields and push buttons.

SAP CRM User Interface

Also there is no additional technical know how needed for using Design Layer Customizing. Navigational links are stored in the runtime repository. The handler class represents the ABAP Objects class that contains all WebClient specific code needed to execute a specific launch transaction. The business Layer does not contain any business Logic. The flag Enable configuration mode is very useful for administrators and only available if the user has corresponding authorizations. Choose the Configuration tab to see the standard configuration.


SAP CRM User Interface – MBA智库文档

Go to the Customizing of Business Roles. Copy standard Configuration to your own Role Configuration Key. That means there can be 1: Confirm pop-ups if necessary. Do the same for the report Complaint Ratio by Product. Using the fact sheet, you can retrieve essential information quickly when, for example, interacting with intervace on the phone or preparing to interact with customers in sales meetings.

Before you place the field on the view, mark the existing field Rating. The groups are structured in three types: It provides the user with additional information and field properties.

In this case a copy of the original view will be created in the customer component.