Competencias, Indicadores de Logros, Contenidos. Interpersonal communication . 1. Generates conversations to exchange specific information. Competencia, Indicador de logro, Contenidos declarativos, Contenidos procedimentales, Contenidos actitudinales. 1. Engages in. CNB Nivel Diversificado ¿Qué es nivel Diversificado? 1. Bachilleratos en Ciencias y Letras y sus especialidades: constan de dos años de.

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Malla Curricular

Answers questions, posed both orally and written. Inicial y Preprimaria Inicial Preprimaria.

Understanding of main ideas of simple scientific texts. Interpreting analogies and comparisons. Understanding details and main points in short readings. Applies in his relationships with others his understanding of cultural practices others than his own. Following and giving oral psrito written directions, commands and requests. Exchanging opinions about favorite movies, sports, readings or scientific topics.

Giving information about own country. Writing short texts about feelings, friends, experiences, dreams, etc. Presents information, concepts, feelings and ideas to an audience of listeners or readers.

Gets information from authors and scientific readings. Speaks using accurate vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. Writing stories, speeches, reports and short essays with a varied vocabulary. Introducing new technical vocabulary to daily school speech.

  BS 476-22 PDF

Identification of morphological norms for generating words nouns, verbs, adjectives. This cultural exchange helps learners to develop critical thinking when comparing other societies to their own social, cultural, political and economical environment for judgment and reflection. Understanding of oral and written common questions. Analyzing historical differences between English speaking countries e. Apologizing properly by choosing the right phrases.

Reading short tales, stories and poems written by Anglo-American authors. Finding a cultural meaning in songs, playings and other artistic activities.

Accepting the cultural differences among people from different places. Makes daily journal entries in short writings. Lecciones modelo segundo y tercer grado de primaria – K’iche’. Increasing vocabulary by means of semantic domains. Considering idioms and slangs in colloquial dialogs 1.

Xwaq raqal (Expresión dinámica) – CNB

Learning new words from scientific readings. Makes appropriate use of language for informative and communicative purposes. Making invitations and offering suggestions to solve scientific problems. Expressing feelings and emotions with each other orally and written.

Join Internet webs and school clubs to share interests. Speaking about leisure activities and personal interests. cjb

Malla Curricular – CNB

Giving clear and appropiate warnings. Expresses wants, doubts, uncertainty and needs using learned material orally and written. Explores practices and perspectives of contemporary life in the target cultures through print, non-print, electronic materials, and cultural artifacts.


Participation in cultural activities of other people. It promotes cultural exchange, as well as information enhancement to improve their performance in the working area that students choose.

Applying synonyms, antonyms and homophones in enriched oral or written descriptions. Uses culturally acceptable vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and gestures. Talking with a degree of fluency about familiar matters. Nuevo Ahora incluye el calendario maya.

Evaluating commercial exchange and products offered in local markets and supermarkets. Recognizes and uses gestures, manners, behaviors, greetings, and idiomatic expressions of the language.

Constrasting homophones meaning to use in appropriate context. Using charts and graphics to record information. Inflecting regular and irregular verbs according to tense. Asking others to join to conversations and English learners clubs.

Composes different texts with accurate grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Perceiving accepted social interaction in Anglo-American cultures. Sentence base to form complete sentences. Making creative personal cards to invite, celebrate, congratulate, etc.