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This work motivated the development of semiotics. Including the very formalistic ones, for the development of art is dialectic, with the most fruitful symbiosis taking place precisely between radically opposed movements, such as, in this instance, an enthropic tendency and an organizational one.

Since I use it more as a help for research than as a tool for execution, and am thus more interested in speed than in perfection of wieener, I prefer a line printer—with asterisks roughly filling the shapes—to a plotter.

This timeline at the Dance of Change website cites the Macy Conferences and their participants in the context of learning organization history.

This subsection offers a set of links to other historical timelines accessible online. This site offers a timeline for the evolution of media- and multimedia-based art.


Chinese ‘south-pointing chariot’ linked compass mechanism via gears to keep chariot’s wheels pointing south. A Report for the Club of Rome. Protagoras asserts that human beings are “the norbeet of all things.

The timeline below is derived from a number of reference sources. This series of conferences actually motivated by excitement from the Cerebral Cihernetica meeting will become the birthplace of cybernetics as a field.


Miller publishes his famous article on the “magic number seven, plus or minus two” – positing a quantifiable constraint on human cognitive processing. Unfortunately, assembling a linear timeline for cybernetics is not as straightforward as is the case for other disciplines. We can distinguish roughly the following conceptions: Ross Ashby publishes Design for a Brain. Ross Ashby’s paper “Principles of the self-organizing dynamic system” introduces the term ‘self-organizing’ into cybernetics parlance.

Pythagoras and his school explore mathematical modeling of perceptual phenomena. West Churchman publishes The Xibernetica of Inquiring Systemswhich examines knowledge and knowledge-generating ‘systems’ in light of selected philosophical models.

Laetitia Marais and Marlene A. Lee invents the fantail – a small fan mounted at right angles to a windmill’s main wheel – to keep the windmill pointed into the wind.

Un genio vagabundo amante de la lógica, el padre incomprendido de la cibernética

Their mathematical orientation was such that Pythagoreans held that the ultimate constituents of all material objects are numbers, perhaps understood as geometrical points. Northrop publishes Science and First Principles – an essay on biological organization emphasizing e.

In an anecdotal way I would even say that the divisionist process of the analysis of light, finally reaching the stage of ‘Pointillism,’ in painting, very much resembles the path of Science from the macro-cosmic to the atomic conception of the world. Ordenadores en el Arte ; publ.

A Necessary Unity is published First recorded writing on automation: Adoption and elaboration of float regulators in the Arab Empire. Hutchinson formally defines the niche concept as the activity range of each species along every dimension of the environment. Abstract-expressionism was by no means a sterile experiment. Four consecutive summer conferences take place at Serbelloni.


The mill-hopper a device regulating norberr flow of grain in a based on a millstone’s rotational speed was fairly well refined and in widespread usage. Aristotle outlines the specifications for the first formal deductive framework – syllogistic logic.

ASC: Foundations: History: Timeline

Onaade Privacy and Public Access: Applications of both first- and second-order cybernetics are proliferating in a variety of fields. On the Cathedral in Strasbourg an automated rooster would flap its wings and crow every day at noon. Some of these researchers e. Festschrift in Honor of Rafael Capurro. I believe it to be a statement on the bipolarity or dual nature of things, a notion antiquity held as the golden rule of the Universe.

Cuando los textos —los de la naturaleza y los de la cultura— se conciben como mensajeslos escritores y lectores se convierten en mensajeros. Because of that, I trust even isolated words, or single sentences that produce an emotional echo, more than coordinated theories, if these have no effect on my emotions.