Memoria de Calculo Pedro Aguilera Descripción: Ejemplo de memoria de cálculo para estructuras correspondientes a proyecto de casa – habitación. As tuplas teñen cabida no estudo teórico das bases de datos, sobre todo no campo do cálculo relacional, xa que. Crear en cálculo relacional de tuplas o cálculo relacional de dominios las siguientes consultas, en base al siguiente esquema: employee (person-name, street.

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The SOS instrument consisted of 31 items and their answers were integers between 1 and 5. A description of each issue is represented as an attribute “issue” in table “Question” of Figure 4 ; e.

For example, the statement “most of the students have high gpa” may be expressed as mostOf e: We just focus on fuzzy requirements.

A “superlative” degree indicates a comparison between elements of the same set. BC or AD and periodspaced B.

relcional The novelty of our method is the tuple calculus extension in order to express fuzzy queries with formal specification. The mostOf quantifier indicates proportion of tuples in each partition satisfying the fuzzy condition “r.

We use the universal quantifier, and we represent the fuzzy term weak by the compound predicate not very high.

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In [12] a domain calculus was proposed for Buckles-Petry’s fuzzy relational database model that, according to Galindo et al. The comparative level of an adjective is expressed in English by “—er” or “more” e.


We do not address all methodological aspects of the system such as user interfaces or correctness of requirements for data insertion, reports, interaction with other systems, etc. We extend tuple calculus with fuzzy logic with a notation for expressions similar to that of [19].

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Let “fn” be a fuzzy connector: For example, someone can define an easy course if all students receive an A-grade, but another person can be more flexible defining it as most of students get a grade greater or equal than B.

P x where fq is a linguistic label for a fuzzy quantifier, x is a variable linked to quantifier, R x is the variable range and P x is a valid formula. Irrelevant attributes are omitted ….

We dr use prefix notation for unary connectors as “fn F”. Fuzzy requirement analysis From a user’s requirements in natural language, we may determine grammatical elements such as adjectives and adverbs which are indicators of vagueness. The “Opinion” table contains information on several surveys filled out by the students and each answer of the survey is in the “Response” table.

Last three digits of year. Firstly, the analysis produces a list of fuzzy requirements in a natural language.

06- Calculo Relacional[1]

In queries that require a specific professor or a specific course, the user must select from a list specific to his department. Terms weak, outstanding, easy, regular, and difficult are rekacional based on previous user-defined terms. Nevertheless, user requirements may involve fuzzy terms that represent user’s preferences over data. Quantified propositions in [13] satisfy Zadeh’s interpretation that has some disadvantages and is not adequate for data base queries [14].


Operator precedences are shown in the following list, from highest precedence to the lowest. Position of minus sign for negatives. Formal specifications are done tuplws an extension of tuple calculus that incorporates fuzzy conditions as the novel contribution of this work.

5. Lenguajes de bases de datos

Terms low, regular, and high are positive adjectives and they are modeled as fuzzy predicates. The following notes are not strictly Oracle Database related but should be remembered when taking the exam. Notice that each answer of a student opinion corresponds to a different tuple in the “Response” table.

December 21 th, final version: Several measures have been proposed for the effective truth value of a fuzzy quantified formula; we assume Tineo’s [20]. The border is the set of elements whose membership degree is neither zero nor one. April 15 th, accepted: Based on these experiences, in this paper we have proposed a method to develop database applications that support fuzzy requirements.