The Cisco ONS is interoperable with our existing Cisco ONS UPSR architecture and it also gives us 16 rings of completely interoperable ONS. BLSR,Bi-directional Line Switched ring. There are two types of BLSR deployed in various networks. i. 2-fiber BLSR ii. 4-fiber BLSR. How is Bi-directional Line Switched Ring (SONET) abbreviated? BLSR stands for Bi-directional Line Switched Ring (SONET). BLSR is defined as Bi-directional.

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Notice that node D is just a pass through node with no traffic being added or dropped. Blssr using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After subtending two BLSRs, you can route circuits from nodes in one ring to nodes in the second ring.

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In recent years, packet based networks made a big leap and almost every single service provided voice, IP-TV, etc. Timeslot assignment of extra traffic on the protection channel will be supported. In this example, Node 9 switches from the traffic coming in from Node 7 to the traffic coming in from Node 11 and service resumes.

Protection against fiber cuts and node failures is done by reserving rong on the ring strictly for protection.

This is due to the reason that the IP layer has long provided best-effort services. Node Ding is not adjacent to the fiber so all of its path selectors will switch based upon path integrity of each individual path independent of the status of any other path.


The Span Upgrade Wizard glsr the Manual Span Upgrade procedures require at least two technicians one at each end of the span who can communicate with each other during the upgrade. Again referring to figure 1.

Even when a link fails, its link capacity gets reduced but the communication system keeps working without interruptions in data flow. This page was last edited on 2 Juneat The input at node A travels clockwise on ring1 and egresses at node C.

This is because, only the protection channels along one span are used for each span switch. In the figure, each node uses redundant fiber-optic cards. Plan your fiber connections and use the same plan for all BLSR nodes. Working traffic STSs 1 – 24 travels in one direction on one fiber and in the opposite direction on the second fiber.

For example if there are 84 VT1.


blr If the selector were to switch back to ring1 the signal would take a hit during the switching interval. Protection channels that are not carrying extra traffic are terminated at the intermediate nodes. Line layer indications include line layer failures and APS signaling messages that are received from other nodes. It is a great job, I like your posts and wish you all the best.

Link protection

The second route follows a unique path through the network between the source and destination and sets rjng a second set of cross-connections. You can use the other half of each ONS shelf assembly to provide support for a second or third ring to other existing or planned remote sites. Once a node uses a time slot it is no longer available for use by any other node.


The blue lines show the traffic from A to C head end bridge. When the physical link fails, the upstream node switches traffic to the virtual link so that data continues to flow with a minimal disruption. This is shown in red. Failures in high-speed networks have always been a concern of utmost importance.

Link protection – Wikipedia

NutraT line 14 September at The nodes can be co-located in a facility to aggregate more local traffic. The transmission of either Idle or Bridged code in byte K2 bits is an indication that extra traffic has been removed. With no extra traffic on the ring, under certain multiple point failures, such as those that cause node isolation, services from the same time slot but on different spans may contend for access to the same protection channel time slot.

Protection architectures like Path protection and Link protection safeguard the above-mentioned networks from different kinds of failures. Six free slots also rjng in this setup and can be provisioned with cards or left empty.

Figure 3 illustrates this graphically. Seo Services In Delhi.