Are Video Slots All Luck?

Are Video Slots All Luck?

Generally speaking, luck is mandatory when dealing with slots. These casino games are RNG-based or, to put it differently, unpredictable. Hence, you can’t control the way the reels are spinning or landing. The random number generator will see to it.

However, that doesn’t mean the slot game is absolutely out of your control. After all, you’re the one sitting behind the computer and pressing the “spin” button. So, it’s only obvious that you’re the only one who chooses the slot, sets the bet size, and decides when to quit the game. 

Simply put, you have control of your actions and, accordingly, your playing style.  And it’s necessary that you do – otherwise, you’d be a pretty irresponsible gambler. 

How Do Slots Work?

If you’re unfamiliar with slots, you should first learn how they work. Namely, slots are simple machines that work with an RNG chip. They have a specific number of reels that feature symbols. Some of the symbols are high-paying, low-value, or special. The random number generator makes sure that the reels and, therefore, symbols on them land randomly. 

Simultaneously, the slot game also has something called paylines. As you can imagine, they are the lines that pay. If the symbols land in a way that forms a specific paying line, you win some cash. Certain symbols will grant you more money, and the others will only cover the expenses of your bet or not even that much. 

In addition, wild and scatter symbols won’t only bring you coins. These two symbols are special. The wild replaces “normal” symbols and, accordingly, forms more paying lines. Sometimes, it also expands, stays on the reel for a couple of rounds, and more. The functions of a wild symbol vary and depend on the specific game.

On the other hand, scatters are there to unlock the slot features. There’s a variety of special features that naturally bring you some kind of reward. It can be the chance to unlock several chests with gold that provide different amounts of coins. Alternatively, it can bring forward the wheel that rewards you with some free spins once you spin it.

Of course, you can’t affect the outcome in any way. You may win big instantly or lose everything in an hour. By choosing an adequate slot, you can slightly enhance your odds. You can learn more about slot types by browsing through That way, you’ll know what slots may be an excellent choice for you. However, an important thing to keep in mind is that the slot will do what the slot wants to do. 

Mistakes to Avoid

Luckily, you can control some things during the gameplay, all of which have to do with your decision-making and money management. If you’re not careful enough, you can easily spend your entire deposit on a single slot before even realizing it. However, if you pay attention to some details, you can also enjoy games for longer and even enhance your odds.

The most serious mistake that players frequently make is setting the wrong bet size. For instance, you may select a greater bet size after achieving a big win. And it’s only natural that you do. However, the machine may stop delivering fair portions of money soon after. And you may forget to lower your bet size. 

The same scenario can easily happen when you’re using the “auto-spin” button. You may set the 40 spins, sit back in your chair for the next 40 rounds, and forget to keep track of your money. The reels are usually spinning pretty fast in these situations. Therefore, the “auto-spin” button can bring you more comfort but also cost you more money.

Lastly, it’s crucial that you choose the slot that suits you the most. No matter how exciting they may seem, multi-line video slots with more than five reels can cause confusion. Hence, it’s not the most attractive slot you want to stick with, but the one that suits your expectations and possibilities.