“On July 16, , one million people, from all over the country, converged on Cape Kennedy, Florida, to witness the launching of Apollo 11 that carried. Apollo and Dionysus. By Ayn Rand. A concretization of the issue of reason vs. emotion via an analysis of two contrasting events of the glorious. In Ayn Rand’s Anti-Industrial Revolution, there is an essay, dated January, , called “Apollo and Dionysius.” She compares unfavourably.

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Ayn Rand in India – Facebook.

Want to add to the discussion? Two Champions Of Liberty. It was conceived in the aftermath of the hysteria over the launch diongsus the Soviets of Sputnikthe first artificial satellite in She delivered this talk later that year at the annual Ford Hall Forum.

Apollo and Dionysus (Free MP3 download)

In The Right StuffTom Wolfe describes how the space race was a return to single-combat joust of past times. Stanley Kubrick’s footprint, left behind when he directed the fake moon landing. Ayn Rand in India. From its origins in the First World War, air combat had retained the characteristics of the joust.


Ayn Rand Institute eStore : Apollo and Dionysus (Free MP3 download)

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Submit a new text post. Capitalism If you want this translated into simple language, it would read: In Defence of Liberty. Great Apollonian determination was placed in the service of what was not at all rational. It was, after all, a massive expenditure by government which never would have been undertaken by the free-marketplace. KennedyLibertarianismObjectivismWoodstock Festival.

Tuesday, January 1, Such festivals can be carried out successfully. What they would do with it, no one was certain. Rock festivals cannot, for the reasons outlined above, be profitable, however.

Satellite technology is now commercially successful, but it was not considered, before Sputnik, a viable investment for the private marketplace. Having got there, the Americans discovered a huge sphere consisting of rock. Unlike the festival-goers in Bethel, the Apollo pilgrims did not take drugs, have sex publicly, disturb others, become covered in mud or leave the countryside in ruins.


Glennie June 5, at The ideal political-economic system is laissez-faire capitalism. The latter, Rand states, were driven by the Apollonian values of reason and sobriety, as represented in the moon mission — dionysua was also called Apollo.

Anatomy of Culture: Ayn Rand, Apollo & Woodstock

It was, of course, single-combat jousting. Its purpose was the programme itself, getting to the moon. Most of these did not possess a ticket for the festival, and upon arrival, simply kicked down and walked over the flimsy fences erected to keep gatecrashers out.

This last is the predominant philosophical position today, particularly in the apollk of politics. Log in or sign up in seconds. The Meaning of Money, from the Atlas Shruggedss.

It, too, was a commercial enterprise that failed. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.