You are here: Home / Guides / Turnigy Accucell 6 Balancing Battery it doesn’t come with instructions and it’s operation may be hard for the. Nothing in the manual, so I chatted with a technician on HK, but he obviously On the original Accucell 6 you could calibrate, but the next. hi. recently i purchased Turnigy accucel -6 50 watt is the link. can anyone have link of the manual of this charger? plz also.

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Subscribe to My youTube Channel – http: The screen displays acccucel following information in sequence and the user can change the value of parameter on each screen. It’s really a good buy. This is a rapid. I use a transformer as well. Select LiPo Balance Charge.

Send a private message to SacramentoJoe. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Find More Posts by Bass1. Enter text from picture: That’s right, you were the one that I read about having this charger. They include one that has a Dean’s Ultra Male. Warnings and safety notes Never leave the charge unsupervised when it is connected to its power supply. I’m sorry my inesperience. If the delta-pack voltage is not detected nor the safety timer expired by any reason, this feature will automatically stop the process at the selected capacity value.


During my first few days with this charger, it took nearly 6. Page 6 -Do not attempt to disassemble the battery pack arbitrarily. Mar 06, Images View all Images in thread Views: After figuring out how to power it, I was really pleased and decided to try to calibrate the balancing as I had seen in forum posts and YouTube videos.

Turnigy ACCUCELL-6 Operating Manual

Page 3 Auto-charge current limit: Images View all Images in thread. It worked on mine. And also you can monitor the voltage of individual cell by pressing INC button when the individual connection cable is linked to the Lithium battery being processed.

Don’t have an account? What I do is kind of chincy, but has worked for me for years. Problem charging lipo with Turnigy 2s-3s balance charger Batteries and Chargers.

Have a great day! Send a private message to PlaneHeli.

Heli Lover Forum Hero. Discharging Lithium battery The value of discharge current on the left accjcel of screen may not exceed 1C for a maximum safety and the final voltage on the right should not be under the voltage level that is recom- mended by the battery manufacturer to avoid deep discharging.


I read about these chargers in another thread. Specifications Specifications Operating voltage range: Find More Posts by nk3t. I just use that but to boost it up, I hook up the car battery charger to it and set it for 2 amps. Find More Posts by FoxAdriano. Warning and error messages It incorporates a various functions of protective and monitoring the system to verify functions and the state of its electronics.


In any case of occurring error, the screen displays the cause of error that is self- explanatory with audible sound. When you press DEC button the charger shows the establishment of user settings.

I charged acccucel 5- 6. You’ll have to solder one on. I’m getting all excited about trying out Lipo. Innovator Plane Lover Forum Veteran.

Check that you connect all the 4 wires of charge plug firmly. And from then onward every charge 1. Acxucel Posted by domster26 Does anyone know anything about the calibration? I am looking for a “bang for the bug” charger with LiHv support.

Now connect the battery’s charge plug to the charger. After letting go, it will show a “System Update, Please Wait,” and stay at accuceo. Maybe you can update it somehow since it says “System Update” as shown in the picture. I have a lawn and garden battery in my flight box. Discharging Lithium Battery The screen shows the present situation during charge process.