Part Number: 74LS, Maunfacturer: Motorola, Part Family: 74, File type: PDF, Document: Datasheet – semiconductor. These 8-bit shift registers feature gated serial inputs and an asynchronous clear. A low logic level at either input inhibits entry of the new data, and resets the first. This 8-bit shift register features gated serial inputs and an asynchronous reset. The gated serial inputs (A and B) permit complete control over incoming data as a.

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You do not need a pull down resistor.

All diodes are 1N or 1N This doesn’t seem very desirable to me? Not more than one output should be shorted at a time, and duration should not exceed one second.

Datasheet «SN54/74LS164»

Search field Part name Part description. Hello, again, and thank you all very much for your help. Click here to register now. Correct, IF the pin is not connected to the output of a previous IC. Setup Time, A1 or A2 to Clock. I think I understand the function of the capacitators de-noising, by functioning as a little ‘buffer’ of sorts, right?

If I have datazheet shared clock signal for both the 74lz164 which seems to be a common praticeAs stated when inputs are connected to output pins, NO pull ups. This 8-bit shift register features gated serial inputs and an. Or am I mistaken about the meaning of ‘Low’ and ‘High’? Search field Part name Part description. The whole thing is, as many datashdet predicted, incredibly sensitive to just about anything. Low Level Output Current.


If I understood the datasheet’s diagram correctly, there’s an AND gate on the two input pins, so I think both have to be high – but that doesn’t really matter, since I simply connected the two together.

IF the pin is 74s164 being used for any function, ie: The 22nF are for the switch contacts, to eliminate any electrical noise, caused by switch contact bounce.

High Level Output Current. But in this case, I’d be pulling up an output pin, and the input of the second IC would always be ‘on’ by default. Datazheet Level Output Voltage. Read the above entry d it seems that the LS type ICs are famous for their floating datqsheet and sensitivity – is there some other type of IC that might be more forgiving for a beginner? Low Level Output Voltage. That’s why am a bit mad at me for getting stuck so early on! The IC is very fast so you will [ or shouldn’t] see any flicker as the SR datasheef.

Since the IC is a relatively bad conductor right? You could add 2 or 3, 22nF’s in place of the nF.

Or am i maybe measuring the voltage in a wrong way? Which would cause LEDs to flicker, or other weird thins to happen, i’d guess.


I’m a software guy, who is now trying to get a little bit into circuits, just for fun. But with the inter-IC connection, I think my brain is still not in gear: Thanks, and sorry that this post got dataaheet lengthy.

The mains electricity here in Costa Rica is horrendously ‘dirty’, so I wanted to eliminate that factor. If I look at the construction in the wrong way, it often triggers the signals. You need pull downs on both your push buttons. Diver Well-Known Member Nov 16, Maximum Datasueet are those values 74lls164 which damage to the device may occur.

If you just ‘hook things up’ as the ‘so call experts’ state you will get the problems that you are experiencing.

74LS Datasheet(PDF) – Fairchild Semiconductor

Data at the serial inputs may be changed while the clock is high or low, but only information meeting the setup requirements will be entered clocking occurs or the low-to-high level transition of the clock input. Thank you very much for that diagram – although I think I have none dagasheet the components you added at hand and I hope they sell them here!

I am a complete beginner, so please excuse any incredibly stupid mistakes i made!